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2020 has been a challenging year for so many, but we are grateful that we have been able to keep making work and surviving.

FEARHOUSE (immersive video)

"The Invitation," an all new episode of FEARHOUSE was released on YouTube this month as gift to the ghouls of 2020.

The Invitation is a first-person 360 experience, where the viewer is invited to a costume party, then taken on a creepy and horrific adventure.





TAKE IT AWAY by Like Machines(lyric video)

For the second time, Atlanta-based band Like Machines commissioned Jonathon Stearns/Channel B4 to create a music video for their latest release. This time they requested a lyric video, but CB4 proposed (rather than a simple sub-title style lyric application) an approach where the lyrics were infused into the animations. Stearns shared with them the "Brother Can You Spare a Dime" lyric video he had been inspired to make early in the pandemic, created for a recording from his own band the Silver Palm Trio. They liked the concept and moved forward. The video was released on August 28 2020.

For the production, the band hired a local cinematographer to shoot green screen footage to infuse into
the compositions, and did an additional green screen shoot to acquire new elements as the project took shape. The concept was loosely based on Peter Gabriel's Sledgehammer, as the singer performed with altered playback speeds to create a disjointed, out of time feel. Stearns used a wide array of visual elements to create a space-scape filled with junk.



CULTURED (TV pilot title sequence)
CB4 created an animated title sequence for William Lawrence's comedy pilot. With the limits of pandemic, creative use of cast screen grabs, miniatures, and additional self-photography was employed to acquire the necessary elements for the sequence.



SUP (Single Use Plastic) is a campaign started by CB4 and some creative partners, which will be a series of video vignettes in which people are comedically shamed for using SUP. The pandemic slowed the production schedule to a standstill, but we hope to start producing content in 2021.